HACCP Hygiene code (English)

HACCP Hygiene code is a certification to ensure food safety. Special guidelines have been established for this, which you will follow step by step during the HACCP Hygiene code course. HACCP Hygiene code is intended for organizations that are engaged in the production, processing or distribution of foodstuffs. Foodstuffs not only include all foods and beverages, but also include raw materials and substances used in food. If you work in this sector, HACCP Hygiene code certification is mandatory. The government strictly monitors for compliance with this certification.

Content of the course: HACCP Hygiene code

E-learning and online exam
Training goals After the online course the candidate will know how the HACCP method works, how it should be applied in practice and what to do when working in the food industry. This training also focuses on the transport, receipt, preparation and storage of food supplies according to the ISO 22000 standard.
Target audience For employees who have not previously obtained the Food Safety Certificate in accordance with the HACCP guidelines and who will work for an organization that produces, distributes, processes or serves food products in the catering industry.
For managers who must monitor and record food safety within the organization according to the ISO 22000 standard.
Languages Dutch and English
Course Duration About 4 hrs.
Course package
  • 7 online modules including a knowledge check per module
  • Online reference
  • Online final exam
Content course
  • The importance of hygiene and the HACCP method
  • Personal hygiene
  • Cleaning, waste and vermin
  • Temperature control
  • Furnishing of business premises
  • Purchasing, storage and shelf-life
  • Preparing, presenting and serving
Final exam After the training modules, the course HACCP Hygiene code is concluded with an online final exam.
Certificate When the candidate has passed the online final exam, the candidate will receive a digital HACCP Hygiene code certificate in his/her profile. The certificate is valid indefinitely.
Important information
You should not confuse the HACCP Hygiene Code personal certificate with the HACCP company certification. As of the first of January 2021 the company certificate HACCP lost its validity. If your company is in possession of a company certification, the HACCP certificate, the company must decide for itself whether it wants to convert the company certificate HACCP to the company certification ISO-22000.
Price € 69,- excluding VAT